Saturday, October 4


Goku is one of our newest additions to the foster roster. At 33 pounds, she's a family-size frenchie, but we are sad to say she's really a one-person girl. For the last two years, her dad has been trying to make peace between Goku and his girlfriend and her tween daughter, but to no avail. Goku was surrendered in hopes she could find happiness with a new family.

Alas! Though Goku has bonded well with her foster mom, the husband and kids are personae non gratae in Goku's universe! She growls and makes ugly faces at other members of the family, including her foster sibling. We'll be doing our best to make a change in Goku while she's in foster care.
On a happy note, she loves to go for walks and she is good as can be with her foster mom. She's loving and attentive and wants to please.
Keep your eye on her, and keep a good thought that she'll be able to overcome her jealous streak!

The Frog Princess

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