Monday, October 6


We got a wonderful note updating us on Iris, one of the TX 12 mom dogs. She's undergoing heartworm treatment, which requires that the dog remain kenneled or very quiet. Here's the note:
"Just wanted to send out a quick update on Iris. She is doing GREAT! She is in the midst of her HW treatment and has been a real trooper. She is a pretty calm dog so we let her hang around the house instead of being in her kennel 24/7. She sleeps mostly and takes walks around the yard. She is truly a great dog. She will make her forever family SO happy!

On another note, any of you who might have seen her or remember her pictures may remember that her coat was very sparse and sort of funky. As you can see in these pics her coat is looking BEAUTIFUL! In addition she has gained some weight and isn't that awkward bobble-head dog that she used to be!

Check her out... she is hot stuff!"

She's just like the girl from Ipanema: "And when she passes, each frog she passes, goes 'aaaaaaaah'"

She looks strong and brave! A bit like a younger, more brindle

Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness FBRN found their way to this soulful girl! Here's hoping for a clean bill of health soon.

M&M - Columbia Mo