Saturday, October 18


Andre is one of the Canada dogs we brought in following their owner's decision to get out of French bulldog breeding. His foster dad has been great about sending pictures and updates, but this is the first note he sent about Andre.

This is Andre when we picked him up. He looks so worried, poor boy!

"The bad:
I suspect esophogus or soft pallate problems as he has a tough time breathing when excited. When calm he is fine.
He has what I suspect may be a fairly major back issue as he walks better than Haricot but worse than Brook, so somewhere in between.
He stinks, oh I already said that!
He had a untreated hematoma in his left ear and it is flopped
His ears are both infected and very close to being closed. They are in very bad shape. I gave them a good wipe just on the outside nd couldn't believe what was in
the wash cloth. We'll work on them tomorrow when he settles a bit.

Not at all housebroken and peed in his crate a few times coming home, maybe marking?
His feet are a mess and nails need done.
He must be 35 lbs., thus the name Andre as in Andre the Giant of WWF fame, he was French too!
Did I say he stinks?

The Good
He loves people and my dogs.
I've had great success on leash with him and he comes right along but some things do freak him out!

These two photos are of Andre after a week in his new foster home, learning how to walk on grass and getting comfortable in the company of other dogs. Doesn't he look happy? Gosh, he's handsome.

He is just a giant love bug.
He has tried every toy he has seen!
He's going to smell better tomorrow if it kills me!"

We'll wager he's smelling like lavender and sandalwood, a lovely scent on manly frogs like Andre!

The spot on his cheek makes him seem so dashing--like a fencing scar on a 19th century Heidelberg student!*

A sucker for the naughty ones, is

The Frog Princess

Today's fun fact to know and tell: According to Wikipedia, the term for a fencing scar is "Schmiss" ("smite")>


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Andre!!!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy to see your giant smile! We hope you enjoy a bath as much as Bea does!

KhrisW said...

He's so handsome!

Unknown said...

You should see his smile now that his teethies are all cleaned up! :-) He loves baths now!