Saturday, October 11

Gumbeaux, Waterbaby

Looks like that silly Gumbeaux has been in the okra again! Look at this nutbar! He will not suffer a hose to live!

"Well, I found out today that Beaux loves the hose. I was cleaning out the baby pool and he kept barking at the water. I started spraying the ground and he went crazy. He absolutely loves playing in the water even if he doesn't like his baths. Here are some pictures we took of him."

He's a courageous young bullfrog, going after that hose even when the water has got to be shooting directly into his little brain! marvels

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Hee hee how funny is that!! Maybe Gumbeaux's foster mama can spray some shampoo on him, and make that bath time!

Love the pics :)

RHz said...

My boy does the same thing. It's hysterical to watch.