Friday, October 3

Tyson Models Shopping Mall Swag!

Tyson, the handsome and toothy frogboy from North Carolina, here appears as FBRN spokesmodel, showing off some of the fabu new items from the FBRN Shopping Mall.

First, take a look at this warm and cozy Fido Fleece jacket Tyson has on! It's one of a wide variety of colors and patterns available and you will doubtless find one to set off your brindle, cream, pied, or fawn frog to his or her best advantage! We love that the coats open up the back for quick and no-fuss dressing. For more variety, styles and colors, we offer Canine Casual coats, as well.

This fall, we are offering lots of new colors of the very popular and stylish Puppia soft harnesses. Many of our FBRN volunteers prefer these for frenchies because, first of all, they are sooo good looking, but also the harness offers protection to frog throats that may already be narrow or constricted. They are particularly suited to car trips, so any quick stops may jerk the harness, instead of a neck collar.

We love these funny little wool toys! Made of New Zealand wool, the toys are fashioned by hand by Nepalese women. A portion of each sale is used to fund a local orphanage. The company is called Cheerful Pet. We have lots of different kinds of these toys. One of our volunteers has had one of the toys resist annihilation for over a year--a very good record considering the "death to stuffies!" philosophy held by many of our frenchie friends!

Frenchies are deeply invested in the Green movement! Tyson supports buying Green and organic, too, as you can see in this photo where he poses with a Fido bunny! These are made of organic materials and they are very soft and smooshy. Best of all, they are free of oddball toxins you'd never dream could end up in your dog's toys.

Cool weather is here and colder weather is right around the corner. Christmas is coming, too! If you know you are going to need some things for your favorite frog, why not take advantage of our free shipping within the US and pile up some swag?

Your frenchie will be happy, FBRN will be happy, and you'll be happy! croaks
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Tyson is a fabulous model! And what great toys and accessories. I'll make sure to pick some up for stocking stuffers!