Friday, October 10

Beignet is a Baaaaad Dog!

No, she's not! She's just a typical young frog! Here's a note from her doting foster mom about a day in the life:

"Do puppies go through the “terrible twos”? Or maybe she’s just become too comfortable? ACK! She’s a trip.

She is in time-out more than my 3yo daughter! Hahaha Jumping on the table, biting the ankles of the blind Bulldog, sneaking UNDER the baby gate to get to the “kitty roca”, chewing up the sandbox toys, opening the fireplace screen to play in the ashes! And here I thought my house was baby-proofed! She must think her name is “Beignet-NO!” or “Beignet-DROP IT!” or “Beignet-DOWN!” hahaha

She keeps me on my toes and is a little hand shy and sensitive so I try not to yell at her too much. Redirection seems to work pretty well. No potty accidents this week. I’ll share a pic of her with her buddy Reece and another one with the soot all over her!"

Sooty or sleepy, she's cute as a BUG! observes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh, that bottom pic looks like she didn't MEAN to do it! Busy girl...

Anonymous said...

Is that an adorable face, or what?! Who could get angry at such a cutie? Not I! (As 3 Frenchies in AZ know well!)