Saturday, October 25

Photography--not as easy as you think!

So, you think you'd like to take a nice photo of your daughter and a foster frenchie who has come by for the weekend to get some experience with kids and other frogs. He's a great guy, name of Tobee, and you think his lovely blond coat will look great with your own little girl's cornsilk hair.

And you are right, it's a good photo. Easy as pie, easy as falling off a log, no problemo, any fool could do it. Right?


Let us examine the other photos you took before you got to good.

First of all, where did that paw come from? Tobee is supposed to be a healthy, happy Frenchie, not some mutant beast with a leg sticking out of his neck. Also, your little model daughter has got that mischief in her eye that is not what you want. You want sweet and darling and the Platonic ideal of sugar and spice. You are getting something more like everyday hoyden and normal child. Dang it! Try again.

Just as you snap the photo, your healthy young Frenchie and adorable child model unexpectedly get the silly giggles and there goes your hope for a posed and pretty photograph to send to your friends and family. Oh, well. Your triptych may not be what you wanted, but it might be even better. It's true and it's honest.

For most of us, those are the shots we love best when we are looking at our photos many years after they've been taken. Posed and pretty is nice, but catching the silly mid-giggle is much better, believes

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Looks like they fit together nicely. Great photos!

KhrisW said...

Cute, cute, pictures!

I get what I call the 'Bert' look in a lot of my pictures of my boys. Funny stuff. She's smiling, that's a good thing : )

Anonymous said...

Ella needs this dog - she told me so!