Friday, July 27

YaYa returns!

We recently received another lovely message from the adoptive family of that stately lady of a certain age, YaYa.

You'll remember YaYa was snatched from the jaws of death or worse when she was picked up by SHARE and moved to a lovely shelter in the greater Washington D.C. area. We were delighted when the shelter agreed to let us foster and place her. She is living very well, happy and healthy with her new family, and her days as a breeder are but a dim and fading memory, we hope. We have always adored the 2 toof look with which YaYa gazes into the camera, and we always enjoy seeing her photos and hearing about her adventures. Here's her mom's note:

"Over the weekend I dog-sat for my friends again – the ones with the cockapoo (Jigsaw) that YaYa doesn’t really care for and hides her toys from.

This time she decided that each meal she was entitled to both Jigsaw’s food AND her own! She would raise her hair up on her back and move him away from his food – and then eat it. Then of course he would simply go to her bowl, but she gobbled his down and then pushed him away from her bowl. She’s never tried anything like this with Katie. She and Katie will even eat out of the same bowl at times with no aggression or bullying on either part.

YaYa and Katie don’t play much, but they certainly seem to be becoming buddies. When I get home from work, Katie greets me and of course YaYa is asleep in my room and can’t hear me. We go upstairs and I can tell Katie to go get YaYa and she will go over and nose her to wake up as if to say, “Mom’s home.”

YaYa seems to look to Katie a lot, follows her lead. .

On Father’s Day I left Katie home with Jigsaw and took just YaYa with me to visit my parents. This was YaYa’s first “solo” trip, without Katie. She did so wonderfully!! She was relaxed. She seemed so comfortable. Even my mom (who is NOT a dog lover) called me later that night and said she thought YaYa seemed so comfortable and at home, and then she said, “there’s just something about her…she’s special.”

So anyway, here are some photos of YaYa at my folk’s house. We sat out back on their porch – YaYa just roamed around and checked out the surroundings. She enjoyed their garden very much, as you can see."

You are right, Yaya. Some of those pretty flowers look good enough to eat, agrees
The Frog Princess

PS We feel it may be necessary to manifest that gorgeous collar for the royal wardrobe. We will let you know.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me, we could all learn a lot from observing this ol' gal's "two-fanged approach" to the ups & downs of life: learn to value what we have, and take time to smell -- er -- taste -- the flowers! :)