Wednesday, July 4

Ginger Liberty!

To all of our US readers, we offer our best wishes for a very happy and safe Independence Day! FBRN grad Ginger Rogers is already decked out in her Fourth of July finery, and has a front row seat at the local parade. Here in the Frog Princess's kingdom, we will be able to view distant fireworks from high atop the castle in one of the pointy turrets. We'll raise a glass of something bubbly, cool and refreshing in honor of the day and to the memory of those brave souls who pledged "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" in the effort to create a new nation. May the leaders and the people of the USA be worthy of the lives lost and sacrifices made to create and sustain the ideals of their nation's founders.

Who is ready for another veggie burger? asks
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

"Make mine a Boca Burger" says Joey-One Eye. Loolie, who is from the Ukraine, is all excited about the sparklers. Patti plans to take to her bed with a mild case of the vapors once the hullabaloo starts. Happy 4th everybody!

Anonymous said...

Sure the FP knows of the traditional 4th of July repast...only a delicious hot dog (if you'll pardon the expression) will do! 100% beef, if you please! Yummy! Happy 4th to all!