Sunday, July 8


This week, our lovely Maddy is the website's cover dog.
We wanted to bring her to our readers' attention once more, as she is not getting the number of applications we'd like. We worry that we may have frightened people off with the facts of her health condition and not stressed enough the wonderful, playful, classically Frenchie aspects of Maddy.

Here is a note from Maddy's loving foster mom, who knows her better than anyone:
"Maddy is such a good girl. She loves everyone and everything she comes in contact with. She's as sweet as sugar, playful, happy, comical and the greatest snuggle frog I have met.

"Please don't let her medical condition scare you. Whether you have 2 years or 9 years with her, she will make every minute of your time together so, so special. The love she gives is such a blessing and her heart is solid gold. We all have flaws, so don't let this little girl wait for a home because she has a flaw or two. She deserves to have what we all want, a place to call home."

Please, if you have a place in your heart and room in your home for a loving, eager-to-please, mostly healthy and sweet-natured girl, apply for Maddy and share your life and gifts with her. She'll do the same for you. You can read all about Maddy here.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is an issue for others, but unfortunately, Maddie is too far for me to drive to pick her up if I was lucky enough to be chosen as her owner.