Saturday, July 28

Freeman's New Wheels

"Gitcher motor runnin'
Head out on the highway!
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way!
Born to be wi-i-i-i-ld!"

Oh, yes, the spirit of the unbounded beast, born to be wild, is alive in our Freewheeling Freeman! He's got his new wheels and he is off to the races with a pretty young thing named Penny.

He rolls so hard he wore his old wheels right out, so we had a new set made for him, especially to his specs, and now he is just nothing but a danged speed demon! He's a hazard to pedestrians and a menace to the unsuspecting poultry he likes to sneak up on and send flapping and squawking into the air in a whirl of feathers, dust, spinning wheels and a great big, wicked Frenchie grin.

We are shocked to learn that Freeman has dictated an invitation to Mr. Toad for the first annual Frog and Toad Wild Ride and Road Race to be held in an undisclosed location near his foster home in Colorado. Freeman's foster sisters and brothers have stopped trying to talk sense into him and started making book, instead.

Oh, he's a terrible influence on the innocent youth around him! Thank heavens his adoption is pending, and he'll soon be zooming along in a home of his own!

Oh, these disgraceful young whippersnappers! affectionately mutters

The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

WOOOOHOOOOO Freeman, you show them what you can do!

Frenchie SNorts

Anonymous said...

Why I can just hear that old Patsy Cline song blasting over the loudspeaker....

I love you honey, I love your money
I love your automobile
I love you baby, I don't mean maybe
You're the sweetest thing on wheels
I love your kisses, I wouldn't miss it
No matter how I feel
I love you honey, I love your money
Most of all I love your automobile