Friday, July 20

How Much Are Those Frenchies in the Window?

These photos and note come from one of our volunteers who recently vacationed in beautiful Washington State. She saw these Frenchies in a window display, and wanted to show us, but she also wanted to remain anonymous, on account of she can't say where the shop is, apart from "Seattle." The name and location are lost in the mists of Puget sound memories, but perhaps some lucky Seattleite will recognize the shop or can spare some time this weekend to go in search of this terrible trio, who clearly deserve a home in a Frenchie-friendly environment and specialized care from a Frenchie-loving family.

"I was recently on vacation in Seattle and saw these Frenchies that needed rescuing from an up-scale antique store.... I don't think I could find it again without physically being there to retrace my steps (and this information is fading fast). I thought you could have fun with it. My reflection is in one (wistfully thinking that three wooden dogs would make my life complete)."

Three wooden Frenchies might not make one's life complete, but they'd go a long way toward ornamenting it properly, declares the decorating maven known as
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Wow! Instant gratification and so beautifully created. Does anything sit on your desk?
Can you write me some med school recommendations for former students. I am out of adjectives (and enthusiasm).
We love the blog! We are mosaicing our cement Frenchie in anticipation of "Garden Frenchies Part Deux". Presently our garden has a bulldozer as the only ornament.

Anonymous said...

I love these - I do window display but have not seen any wooden frenchies. However, I did see this adorable (though pricy) link for another cute pup: