Saturday, July 21


Our darling baby Bumble the Bee has found a new home! She is living like a tiny Princess with a new brother, Linc, who is growing more resigned to sharing his space with a girl. A girl like Bumble. Pity him.

Bumble's mom is working hard to keep her housetraining going, and even took mornings off last week to minimize the time our Bumble was home. Bumble now has a pretty collar to match Linc's, except it is in pink, natch!

Starting at the end of the month, Bumble will be going to private school with a trainer and her family will be learning how to overcome their biological susceptibility to the cuteness of the Bee (The big eyes and big head trip the switch in every human heart that commands instant capitulation to even the most unreasonable whim. "An extra 3 am feeding? My pleasure." "I've thrown your ball until my bursitis is killing me! Please...Don't you want a stuffie? OK, all right--ten more minutes!"). Add the twin eye patches, and you can just forget resistance. Totally futile. Professional help is needed.

We hope Bumble's family will keep us posted on her progress, and send photos as she grows. Like everyone who looked upon the Bumble's babyhood, we came, we saw, we were conquered.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

If any a picture defined the personality of a Frenchie, the one of Bumble and Linc is it...incredibly cute, unbelievably pugnacious, and a bulldog through and through. Best wishes to her and her adopted family!
from Radar, Panzee, Spencer and the 'rents.

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Aw B., ya gotta show Linc your snuggly, sweet sista side, too!!! Don't foget the moves I showed ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

hello, frog princes
i'm daisy, and i'm chinese
this is my first time to read your blog,
i love your blog=)and french bulldogs very very much, but i can't get one because my family not allow and French bulldogs in Hong Kong are not prevalence
i have read a post is about Churchill, i'm so sad to look at its body=(he's gone??=(
I'll be a fan of your blog=)

Trey Carland said...

It sounds like bumble has found the right home. I'm also cleaning up poop and pee much less often than I used to, so I probably would have said that no matter what ;) She seems happy and that's all that really matters.

Trey Carland said...

It looks like Bumble has found the perfect home. I'm cleaning up less poop and pee now so I would havae probably said that no matter what ;) She seems happy and that's all that matters.