Thursday, July 26

Beneath Contempt

A friend sent this photoshopped image of a certain football player recently indicted for what Sen. Robert Byrd has called "dastardly and inhuman" activities.
Far be it from us to deny any American due process, and we are, naturally, hopeful that if the individual is not guilty, he will be exonerated fully and be permitted to return to his life without delay.

And if he is guilty and convicted, we hope that the full force and power of the judicial system gathers him up and punishes him to the farthest extent of its ability, including a prison term in the filthiest, most lawless, frightening, and dangerous institution the US has to offer.

So be it.
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Amen, FP. Zombo and his Mom

Cheryl said...

Hear, hear.

Balboa said...

My sentiments exactly!!!!!!! Balboa and Mommy!

anita said...

well actually i was hoping they would tie him to the fence of his fancy house and not feed him!