Thursday, July 26

Pal Zoey

Here is our foster girl Zoe, enjoying high summer in the lovely woods of the Northeast US.

Zoe travelled all the way from Texas to Pennsylvania to study how to be less obnoxious with other dogs and people. We are also trying what we can to address her quite serious allergy problems, and we hoped a complete change of environment might mean fewer triggers.

Here we see that although Zoe is still completely uninterested in socializing with other dogs--note the set of the ears and the determined and austere stare into the distance--she is, at least, no longer seeking to separate other dogs from their vital organs. Success!

Zoe is also making friends with people and learning how to comport herself with some dignity. Her allergy symptoms, while much better, are not entirely controlled at this point, so she is heading off for some consultations with experts. Zoe is getting some top-drawer training and treatment in Pennsylvania and we have very high hopes that she'll be available for adoption before Christmas. In the meanwhile, this crazy kid is very fortunate to have landed on FBRN's doorstep, and we are very glad we were there to take her in!

You can read more about Zoe here.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Fie and fie and fie upon you, Frog Princess! I'm sure that Zoey DOES get too hungry for dinner at eight, and I know she's trying to learn not to bother with people she hates...and hopefully, not to "hate" anyone!...but for how many more days will you have caused Frank Sinatra to sing "The Lady is a Tramp" in my head?! O, CRUEL Frog Princess! LOL!!!