Wednesday, July 4

Garden Frenchies! Get 'em while they're hot!

The New York Public Library's portals are guarded by the famous lions, Patience and Fortitude. Hell has its Three Headed Monster, Cerberus. The Cathedral of Notre Dame has its gargoyles. Your neighbors have those odd little gnomes standing watch over the petunias. There's something missing from your landscaping.

It's FBRN's Garden Frenchie!

Give the neighbors an eyeful of your favorite flavor of Frog. We've got your Brindle, your Gray, your Cream, your Brown, your Pied--You could have one of each for every corner of the house, plus a couple to flank the front walk.

It's not enough to have a living, breathing Frenchie dogging your every move as you wander through the house. Advertise your love of the breed and beautify your lawn
and garden at the same time.

These Frenchies are handmade by one of our volunteers--and heaven knows our volunteers need all the help they can get keeping themselves out of trouble! Idle hands are the devil's own tools and all that. Consider your order a double good deed, once for the benefit of friends and neighbors who will enjoy the sight of a handsome piece of statuary, and once for the benefit of our volunteer, who will feel
gratified and useful and will have the opportunity to exercise his creative gifts.

See there? Buying one of our Garden Frenchies is absolutely not simply more evidence of an obsession with all things French Bulldog. Acquiring a Garden Frenchie is positively an act of philanthropy.

It's what we ourselves would do, were we permitted a PayPal account, confides

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

These garden frenchies are the BOMB! I have a pied one, to match my live Frenchie, Patricia, and can't wait to order a brindle one to match my other "real" Frenchie, Sisi! EVERYONE needs at least one!! A permanent reminder of your donation to help the FBRN fosters.

Balboa said...

WE HAVE TO GET ONE, rather I WANT one, we're thinking about the white one. SO creative and perfect, Frenchies EVERYWHERE!

FRenchie SNorts

SirHumphsBella said...

The Frog Princess doesn't have her own paypal account?!? That's just criminal!

Garden Frenchies might also look great in an apartment! Near a potted plant, say :)