Sunday, July 15

Garden Frenchies Pitch Two!

The Frog Princess has, from time to time, been accused of a certain tendency toward wordiness and pedantry. No, no--It's true--we have heard this. We receive these constructive criticisms with grace and humility and from time to time we occasionally attempt to curb some of these unappealing habits.
However, at the risk of adding "engages in the annoying hard-sell" to our growing list of personal shortcomings, we would like to bring your attention once more to a handsome and useful garden ornament--the handmade garden Frenchie available at the shopping mall on the FBRN website.

One foot tall and made of concrete, the Garden Frenchie will help to repel kitties with poor eyesight and birds of a nervous and undiscerning nature. Naturally, you will wish to set your Garden Frenchie well back from any sidewalk where it might be susceptible to receiving the insults of some passing labradoodle or buggle.

You know how they can be, warns
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I think you have a way with words, and always enjoy reading your blog. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. Keep up the good work! Jeanne

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been at times accused of verbosity, I can say with expertise & conviction that our dear FP is not victim to that fault! When what one has to say is welcome and of general interest to the audience, it can be in no way faulty! Carry on, Frog Princess!

Balboa said...

I just got Molly in the mail, she looks cool on our porch. I think everyone should have a garden frenchie!

Frenchie Snorts

Anonymous said...

"Wordiness and pedantry"? I send a canine Harummmph! in the direction of anyone who dares accuse FP of anything but elegance and grace, stylistic or sartorial.