Wednesday, July 11

Rest in Peace

Following his appointment with the oncologist and after receiving more information and another update on Churchill's condition, the Board of Directors made the unanimous decision to let Churchill go. In just the past few days since the steroids have ceased to work, Churchill's condition has worsened to the point that the Board did not believe he could survive the four weeks it would take before the chemotherapy might begin to show results.

Meanwhile, his skin would continue to crack, deep rivers of fluid would continue to form in "tracks" through his flesh, more tumors would appear and the tumors present would grow, and his coat would continue to peel away each time his bandages or wrappings were removed or he rose from wherever he'd been resting. In just a few days his condition deteriorated so much that descriptions from two board members who'd seen him were inadequate to prepare us for the photos you can see here, if you choose to. We hope you won't, because they are hard to look at, but if you have any question that the Board acted hastily, you will understand that if these changes occurred over just a few days, there was little hope that Churchill could survive until the chemotherapy could do its work.

Once again, we offer our profound and lasting gratitude to everyone who was touched by Churchill's story. Every volunteer feels this loss so keenly, and we are terribly disappointed and resentful that we couldn't give him more time, and that--despite having enough money, enough connections, enough energy, will, and desire to help--we were ourselves helpless in the face of his disease.

Disappointed and heartsick as we are, we can still feel pride and satisfaction that Churchill's last weeks were happy. His foster mom says he had developed a bit of a kick in his step again, that before this last few days he was clearly enjoying his food, and he was thrilled to be in the company of his boys. We offer our thanks to his friends, who spent time with him and took him for a car ride and fed him a cheeseburger and some ice cream and then were able to hold him and, with loving words in his ears and gentle caresses on his tired, sick and worn out body, send him to the Bridge to be whole and well and sleek again.

We won't forget Churchill. We know you won't, either.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I cried reading the post. rest in peace, dear. say hello to all the frenchies you meet on the rainbow bridge. :(

Anonymous said...

The FBRN board showed compassion and wisdom in deciding to send Churchill to the Bridge. Blessings on you for making the hard, but decent, choice.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace darling Churchill. I know that all of the FBRN board members and volunteers did everything they could to make his last days better. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace little guy. Although the news is devasting there is comfort in knowing Churchill was given a chance to know and live a happy, love filled life,even if it was only for a brief time. You are all true angels :)

Balboa said...

I have been following Churchill's story and adding it to my blog. Other dogs and their families have been praying for Churchill, even though we all wanted him to have a loving forever family, we are glad he did know love. He is now at peace and he will carry that love through his journey and share it with the other doggies.

You will always be in our hearts Churchill, always,

Thank you to the foster family who gave Churchill the love he needed, thank you so much, you are angels.

Balboa and Mommy,

TouchNPaws said...

Rest in peace dear Churchill. This is the news we all dreaded and we are so sorry things couldn't have been different for you - for us.

Thanks so much to his Foster family for showing him unconditional love. Something he needed as much as he needed healed. To the Board - Thank you for making the difficult but only right decision for Churchill. Your job is not an easy one.

Churchill your work here was done. You touched people all over the world and raised awareness for Rescue and most of all you had an opportunity to be adored by many.

We love you and will always remember you.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the family who took Churchill in, gave him love, made him part of a pack again can take some comfort themselves from knowing that their acts of kindness helped take a little dog out of hell and gave him a taste of what heaven is like.

FBRN, its volunteers, and its donors renew my faith on a daily basis. Angels walk amongst us everyday, you just have to know where to look and relearn to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Churchill. In a very short time there will be an elderly Shih Tzu by the name of Shandi joining you at the Bridge. Pehaps there you two will meet and be friends.
Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that help Churchill to know love in his final days.
Karen McCarty

Anonymous said...

Blessings on Churchill and on his great friends who took care of him and shared that last ride. Blessings on his friends who cared for him but never met him, too, every one of them. He had a lot of friends for an old dog pulled from a shelter just weeks ago. Just think of it. Just an old sick dog who reminded us what humanity and kindness mean. Somebody loved him, and I know he rests in peace.

Kiwi said...

This made me cry. But I know you guys did all that you could, and I'm so happy that Churchill was able to get the help and love he deserved. It's especially important that his life has an impact on others who may have dogs with his condition and don't realize how serious it is... If diagnosed early, he could have had a much better chance of recovery. Hopefully people will discover Churchill's condition and get the help their dog needs before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

It was amazing what you have done for Churchill and I'm sure he knew it. I'm sure he is now at peace but he knew how loved he was.

You were angels to do what you did for him.

Bruin and Mom

Anonymous said...

Churchill's story is one I will never forget. I'm so happy that he had the time left that he did to spend with the wonderful volunteers of FBRN. You and everyone who donates are acting as Good Shepards in this world. We need more like you.

From Panzee, Radar, Spencer, Pancake and Monkey

Anonymous said...

Having been there myself, I know
you all made the right decision,
I hope those kids in the picture
don't feel too bad, They made his
life so much fuller and happier
in his final days.

Anonymous said...

What a valiant little fellow, he is now over the Bridge, disease free running after our beloved frenchies before him.
God Bless You

Anonymous said...

What a valiant little fellow, he is now disease free chasing our beloved frog dogs over the bridge.
God Bless him.

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Poor, poor Churchill. At least now he is free from pain. Run free Churchill.

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for this sweet little guy. Thanks to the FBRN family his last days were filled with love and kindness. As difficult as it was you made the right decision.

Joe Stains said...

We never knew you buddy but we are sad to see you go :(

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Churchill. You made such an impression on us in the short time that we knew you. We can only take comfort in knowing that you received a lot of love and the best care that was available in your final days. Your body may have left this Earth, but your spirit will always be with us.
Thank you to the FBRN volunteers for all your dedication. You are true Heroes. Thank you to the Board for having the courage to make the difficult decision to let Churchill go. You showed great compassion. God Bless You All.


Frenchie Grandma

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for you all. In my opinion your group made the best decision for Churchill. That poor boy was suffering and you can see it in the photos. I pray that his foster family's heartache will be eased by the knowledge that they gave him love and care that he had never had before and more than that, that a piece of Churchill will always be with them in their hearts and memories. He loved them and there is no better reward than the love of a good dog. Rest in Peace dear Churchill. Thank you to Frenchie rescue for being compassionate to this poor babies plight and doing everything within their power to help him including giving him a peaceful end to his suffering. Thank you.

Wanda Jewell
American Boston Terrier Rescue

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Churchill. There is no pain and suffering where you have gone. You deserve that much and more.

Lyle & Sherry

Anonymous said...

"To everything there is a season...a time to be born, and a time to die...a time to laugh and a time to weep..." To all of us, this has been the Season of Churchill, and we have learned so much from a sick little dog...and from the compassion and caring of those who do this work of rescue. God bless every one.

Melissa said...

I'm in tears. This boy touched so many it is amazing. What a blessing that he was able to have his last few weeks of life in a loving home.

Cheryl said...

Rest in peace, Churchill.

Anonymous said...

I think you made the best decision for Churchill. Bless all of you and the frogs!


Simba and Jazzi said...

So sorry to hear about churchill. Run free in the rainbow bridge.

Simba xx

DebandDottie said...

Churchill touched a lot of people in the short time he was in rescue. Angels come in many forms. Rest in peace little guy.

Anonymous said...

We are all sad, but he had good food and good meds and some true love, and that's much better than a lot of poor dogs have at the end.

Hard as it was for all of you, it's much better for him this way. He was lucky to have that short time. He will continue to touch lives in many way, both dog and human lives. Have a good trip, baby boy!
Steff and Dory

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, this made me cry too... I think you guys really made a good decision by letting him go. Free from his suffering & pain. Good-bye dear! You will have no more tumors & no more pain in Rainbow Bridge. You will look as normal as you were before you got this condition. Run free dear!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the foster family that cared for him in his final weeks. I can imagine how hard this is for them. You'll be in my prayers.

Rest in peace Churchill. And enjoy running pain free over the rainbow bridge.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that this has happened to you. Your keepers gave it the best shot. Atleast you spent your last few days surrounded by those who love you. Rest in peace Churchill, you will never be forgotten.

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you to those who tried their best to help this guy. I looked at the pictures and cried. I feel it is the least I can do to look at him and know that someone, despite all his tumors and sickness, cared enough to try. After all isn't it all about quality of life not quantity? Also, I want to give a big thank you to the young men in the pictures with Churchill for giving him the best time he ever had. Rest in peace Churchy.

Anonymous said...

I cried, too. And I also want to express my appreciation to FBRNetwork and the foster family (and everyone else) who took care of Churchill and did their best, and were put in the position to have to make such a decision. My heart goes out to everyone. It takes such courage and heart to step to the plate like you all did, and have to ultimately do something so difficult.

But why not quanity AND quality? I am heartbroken that Churchill had to suffer as he did and die too soon, and that there are people so damaged in the world that they let it come to this for a defenseless animal in their care.

Yes, thank god for everyone not like this, but still.

Anonymous said...

This has affected me more than I would have thought possible. I've found myself just holding on to my little Frenchie and not letting go.

I'm calm enough to just say "thank you" to everyone who had contact with Churchill in the last 2 weeks. No words, as wonderful as they are, can possibly express the difference you've made.

I'm not as good a person as I would wish, so, as with a child abuse case, I find it hard to stay away from the "wrong", angry side of dealing with an issue like this.
But I think I found a way to reconcile it(in my own head): This sweet boy never knew much of anything but meaningless suffering... nothing he could have done or tried could have made a difference. So, to him, the angels he has lived with for the last couple of weeks have been his reward, literally, for living his life. And, now, he can go home.

Rest in Peace, puppy.

The Frenchsters said...

Thank you, especially the boys, who were not afraid to love a dog that many, many others would have turned away from. You are truly heroes, you young men are. I have no doubt that Churchill is still grateful for all you gave and I'm pretty sure you will always be grateful to him, too. You did a wonderful, wonderful thing by sharing your compassion--not only for Churchill but for all the many people he touched. May you continue to be the natural teachers you are.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, little guy.

We mourn the life you were forced to lead for so long, and how brief moments were that the world was able to know the depth of your spirit... Take comfort in that your story will be a rallying cry to save innumerable dogs from a similar fate.

Though you went through the worst anyone could imagine, you came out shining like a star. It is comforting to know that you had such wonderful volunteers and such a loving family to show you the love, care, and adoration you deserved and be with you at the end.

Truly, the volunteers and board of FBRN showed perfect compassion, in your life and your passing. God bless them all.

Rest easy Church. You touched a lot of hearts and won't be forgotten.

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

Rest in the Peace you deserve.. you will live in all of us and remain in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

My contempt for the people that originally allowed this to happen to Churchill is only balanced with the knowledge that there does exist decent, kind people that were willing to take him in and care for him during the last part of his life journey.
My heart aches for the foster family and everyone that cared for this dear guy.
May he finally rest in peace

Duke said...

What a handsome boy Churchill was. My heart is absolutely breaking for you and your family.
Please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Sue and Maggie

franci said...

Rest in peace little guy !


Gwyn Valentine said...

Churchill, it was a real pity that i didn get to know you... I hope you will find alot of wonderful frens there at the rainbow bridge.


Duke and Gidget said...

Such a heartbreaking story. Thanks so much to his foster family for making his last weeks happy ones.
Rest in peace buddy

Anonymous said...

Followed Churchill's story and am so sad that he is gone. You all did right by him. May he rest in peace and I hope he is romping with all my kids that are there beyond the bridge. Blessings to all of you for all you do.

Patti and Louie's Dad

Anonymous said...

As the 'Dogs Prayer Poem' said:

"And beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you, Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful peace of eternal rest ... and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was always safest in your hands!" ~unknown~

Be at Peace Little One!!!

Unknown said...

Tears are pouring down my face right now, as I am reading about Churchill and all the comments from everyone. I can not believe he came from a home where someone could have neglected this obvious problem.
I think everyone at FBRN is amazing, from the foster parents, to the board members, to those who support the individual dogs. I 100% support the decision to let him go. It is SUCH a difficult decision, but in this case was the right one.
Thank you all for opening your hearts to these adorable babies.

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken. The sad, sad story of Churchill is only eased by the incredible outpouring of love, support and caring shown by his foster family heros, FBRN and it's supporters. It gives us all hope--hope in humanity and hope that this wonderful organization will continue to find better lives for these amazing dogs that we all love so much.

Dearest Churchill, I am so thankful you experienced love and affection during your last days and I hope you have found peace. Good night, sweet prince.

The Rice Life! said...


We are so sad that you had to be in pain, but are thankful that you now get to run freely near the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace little man. Abby, Kris, and I are thinking about you sweet boy. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Churchill. I know you're in Heaven with my son, Brian, and with Roxie. You'll never suffer again, but right now, I can't stop crying for what you did suffer. God bless the FBRN angels.

Joan, Louie, Dakota, Buttons and Jazzy and in memory of Roxie the Princess

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I'm sitting here bawling. I was really hoping ole Churchie would pull through and at least have a little bit longer than he did with in a loving home.
It's just so sad thinking of the life he lived before he was rescued and only the short amount of time he got to experience people that actually cared and loved him.

RIP Churchill's, you've touched us all.