Friday, July 20

New, Improved Reggie! Now Available in Canada!

Reggie and his new siblings: Colby, Harvey and Ellie!

A little while ago we received this message from Reggie's new mom. She's a Canadian and now Reggie is, too! We're very glad that this former member of the PA-8, a survivor of a puppy mill, has learned enough about living in a house and being a nice boy that he'll fit in well with his charming new Canuck brothers and sister.

Here is the note:

"Well, it's true: Reggie has moved to Canada and now very proudly holds dual citizenship. He has made himself right to home

and took all of a couple of minutes in getting the resident boxers to serve his every want. Reggie would likely make a very successful Premier or CEO due to his great skill in the delegating of tasks.

I suspect before long he will roost atop the leather sofa dressed in trendy striped smoking jacket whilst the boxers deliver his slippers, newspaper & pipe and whatever else tickles his wee precious fancy. Such is the life of the little man with two passports (so far!)

Many, many thanks are in order for [Reggie's foster family] who took on the job of fostering this sweet boy and for choosing Harvey Manor as Reggie's permanent residence....We couldn't be more thrilled with the little sausage: Reggie Rufus Rabbit Caldwell. [His dad] thinks he looks like a rabbit...I think he looks not unlike Mighty Mouse. :)"

We were struck by a resemblance to the Phantom of the Opera when we first saw young Reggie, but he has certainly proven himself to be a far more agreeable sort of fellow, thank goodness!

The Frog Princess

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