Friday, July 13

A Recipe for Happiness by Queenie

On the Eve of Bastille Day, we bring you our Queenie's Recipe for Summer Happiness. Queenie, you may recall, is our dethroned regal friend, who has been at summer camp for a little while. It's really kind of a Boot Camp for Royals, and she has been learning how to pass among the little people without giving offense and follow the ways of the hoi polloi without giving away the secret of her Royal Birth! It doesn't pay these days to thumb one's nose at the rules of the bourgeoisie, as a certain wealthy and infamous blonde learned earlier this summer. Queenie took a lesson! Rather than airily instruct her aides to let the folks "eat cake," Queenie decided to share a little recipe she learned way back when she was but a pup, slumming in the castle kitchen, listening to servants' gossip.

And now, here is Mme. La Queenie, attempting to speak to you in the vernacular, as she learned it from watching television after long days in the pursuit of health and a more libertarian, egalitarian, fraternitarian attitude toward those with whom she must share her world:

"Hi Peeps,
Here's my fave ice cream mix for those hot summer days:
1 squishy banana, a few strawberries or blueberries or bit of Mango (I loves em all)
1 big carton of organic low fat plain yogurt ( Mom says there's sugar in the flavours)
Jar of natural (no sugar) peanut butter

So you throw everything but the peanut butter in the blender and hit it with your paw for just a few (gawd, I am dribblin' on the keys), then pour it into a bowl and swirl some peanut butter in sloooowly (licking the spoon after).

All you have to do then is spoon it into the ice cube tray or an empty plastic egg carton, put in the freezer, take a nap and Bingo.........magic ice cream treats for meeee!

throw the stuff in and put the lid on......

hit the switch ( keeping tongue outside the blender)

Oh boy - I can hardly be waiting


Love, Queenie"

As you prepare this tasty and healthy treat, we hope you will consider singing the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise" All together, now:
"Allons enfants de la Patrie,
le jour de gloire est arrive!"

Da-dum-da Dum Dum Dum Dum DAH-da Dum, Da-dum da Dah Dah, Dum-da DUM! hums

La Princesse Grenouille


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Does her highness have any equally tasty recipes for the ubiquitous dog biscuit? I bet they are something special!

Anonymous said...

Queenie I wuv You!! Gonna get my Mom to make this stuff too.

Little Man