Wednesday, February 7

Sad News for FBRN

This note was posted tonight to inform our volunteers that one of our fosters has passed away.

"Being in Rescue can be a very rewarding experience. When you've done a transport or when you've fostered a dog, nursed him back to health and then find a wonderful forever home, you get a warm, wonderful feeling that you've done one little thing that matters in this world. And you smile.

Sometimes being a Rescuer is hard. Very hard. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't work, and you feel empty and hollow inside. And you cry. And it stinks. Really stinks. This is one of those times.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you tonight that the Board of Directors had no choice but to help our Dodger cross the Rainbow Bridge this evening.

Little Dodger was nine years old. He had advanced Heartworm, an enlarged heart, lungs filled with liquid, one sinus completely blocked and the other filled with green mucous. He had been on antibiotics for weeks with no relief. He was bent over with pain and could hardly breathe. His foster mom was kind enough to take him to a specialist for us and the doctor's evaluation was that Dodger would not be able to make it through surgery, even if we were to choose to subject him to that.

It was obvious to us that Dodger's present quality of life was not what we would want for any dog, and he had really no chance of any recovery. This decision was made with much discussion, anguish and was not made lightly, but in the end it once again (as it always should) came down to, 'what's the best for this dog?'....

Go in peace dear little Dodger. You can run and play and breathe now and you have lots of beloved little friends to play with. We will never forget you."

Wishing Dodger an eternity of deep and easy breaths, of joyous, scrabbling races on soft and fragrant grass, and the comfort of warm and dreamless rest in the company of friends.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Little Dodger, too soon to say good-by. But finally you met someone who care about you, and you don't need to suffer anymore.
Dodger, rest in peace.

Miki from Japan

Anonymous said...

Dear Dodger
You touched our frenchie family and we are sad to see you had to suffer at all but hope you are resting peacefully now over the rainbow bridge.
Lots of frenchie kisses
The Millers and their frenchie Hamlet

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to hear of Dodge's passing, but my heart is full knowing that he was loved and cared for in the last few weeks of his life. His story of arrival to FBRN resulted from the loving care and fast action on the part of his foster mom, shelter worker, and other FBRN volunteers. He was able to leave this world knowing that people loved his small self and that he will be missed by many. Dodge teaches us all that every moment is precious and that love can appear and save us when we most need it. Sweet Frenchie kisses to you Dear Dodge! And my deepest sympathies to his foster family. Rebecca & Humphries

Anonymous said...

I put off commenting for days, because my grief and anger and frustration would have caused me to use unprintable words! That this wonderful boy was so neglected for so long as to come to the state he was in, is criminal and I pray that his former captors will answer to a Higher Authority, just as the wonderful FBRN-ers and others who finally rescued him will be rewarded by that same Authority. The depths to which people can sink continually amazes me. Thank God there are other folks, like those at FBRN, to keep me from despairing of hope for humanity!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you, he had a few months of comfort and peace. That's all an old dog could want.

Sleep well old man.