Wednesday, February 7

Carlin Comes Home

We received this note from Carlin's foster family last week, and we wanted to share it with you.

"Yesterday was a day that will be remembered in our hearts for a long time to come. Not only was it absolutely beautiful weather wise, but it was the day we had to say goodbye to our wonderful foster baby Carlin. Carlin came to us early August of last year with a host of medical issues and some behavioral issues as well. With months of love, medication, love, training, love, good food and love, he recovered from his medical issues and became a very well behaved little man.

The task of finding him a home to call his own was very difficult for us. We had come to believe that Carlin had been a part of our family from day one and it didn’t dawn on us that he was just here to get better. After reviewing applications and speaking with selected prospects we narrowed it down to one person, Amanda. We were very worried because she lived so far from us and that if for some reason things did not work out, Carlin would have to make the long journey back.

All day we waited to hear from Amanda as she and her boyfriend and frenchie boy made their way to my home. Keeping Ryan at peace with letting Carlin go was no small task.
He loves Carlin (as he loves all dogs) and did not want him to go as much as I didn’t. I had to keep reminding him that this is what we do as foster parents and we have to be strong for Carlin.

When Amanda arrived, she handed Hutch off and took Carlin from my arms to give him a big hug and kiss. Carlin gave her kisses back and they had no problems with bonding. Carlin did well with Hutch [his new brother], and Amanda was very aware of the fact that they will need to get to know each other. Hutch got to meet Pogo and Dutch [resident Frenchies] and they played and played and played. Carlin did his usual, "I’m going to just watch you for a while" and jump in when he thought no one was looking. He loves to play, but can be very wary of new dogs. I think he did great and so did his mom.

Ryan was having a hard time dealing with Carlin leaving, so he stayed in his room most of the time. Hutch went down frequently to visit with him and to make sure he was alright. After 3 hours it was time for them to make the 12 hour trek back to MS. As I finished packing Carlin’s things I could feel the tears building up in my eyes. I called Ryan up to say good bye and to give Carlin a kiss. He did, while holding back the tears (later telling me he did not want to upset Carlin) and promptly went back down to his room. As I put Carlin in the back seat of the car, kissing and telling him how much I love him the entire time, I had no choice but to be happy for him. He is going to a great home with a wonderful brother and Mom. I gave the 2 humans a hug good bye and gave Carlin one last kiss good bye and high tailed it to my front door so that he did not see me cry. Having to compose myself, I opened the door to the family room to see Ryan looking out the window crying. He really liked Amanda and Hutch, but said was going to miss Carlin very much. I told him me too and gave him a hug. Things are a little strange around the house today, but we are getting ourselves ready for the next chapter and welcome it with open arms."

Our foster families are dedicated to providing the best possible homes for the dogs they are nurturing and protecting and helping to heal. Knowing Frenchies as we do, it's no surprise that foster families lose their hearts to each of their charges. Our readers will be glad to know that this family has recently adopted two more Frenchies as permanent family members, and their home still has a welcome mat out for a needy foster, should one need a home.

Oh, have a wonderful, long and happy life, dear Carlin! We'll miss your funny eyebrow around here. But soft! what is that thrumming that we feel? A vibration, a sort of humming...we do believe we sense a unified and worldwide wish for Carlin's long and happy life swelling at this very moment, rising from every kingdom, country, corner of the globe to join and to amplify, to gather in and to magnify the sincere and heartfelt wishes of
The Frog Princess

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