Friday, February 16

Warts and All--We Love Jacques!

The magnificent and mischievous Jacques has made such strides in his behavior that his foster mom has decided he's ready for a home of his own. Following training classes and strict and consistent at-home follow-up, Jacques has gotten it into his thick, round noggin that he can relax and have fun with his dumptruck and his foster sister. The world will take care of itself without his supervision, direction and control. We can only imagine what a relief it must be for Jacques to let go of all the stress of running everything all the time.

We got this note from Jacques' foster mom this week:

"Jacques has made a lot of progress and will be going up on the available page this week.

His two aggressive episodes to people in foster homes have both been toward men. In case Jacques really has an issue with men, my husband has been working every evening with him with positive reward training.
Jacques now is so excited when Mark gets home; he runs to him and sits for pets and is very happy to spend time with him. He's even begun relaxing under Mark's chair occasionally when we hang out in the evening instead of always being by me.

His leash and dog aggression are subsiding although his new owners will always need to stay on top of his tendency toward that. He plays well with my Frenchie but does not like my mixed breed (however he has learned to peacefully coexist with her).

Tonight I removed the sutures from his punch biopsy on his forehead. This is something I would have only done with two people when he first came to our home; tonight I didn't even think twice about doing it myself. He lay down on his side, and did not even protest or flinch as the stitches came out. The biopsy showed the red wartlike bumps on his forehead to be benign cutaneous hamartomas. They are of cosmetic significance only and are not predicted to spread or grow in size. We don't even notice the bumps anymore; all we see is a handsome loving boy."

And we will expect no less from his forever home. He is going to make someone a very wonderful, handsome, loving and incredibly intelligent life companion. Yay for Jacques! Look for him on the Available Page after this week's update!

Ahhh. A dog and his dumptruck. It's a beautiful thing.

The Frog Princess

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