Wednesday, February 28

Honey Bunny

Bunny is one of three new fosters in the wide open state of Arizona. She was surrendered when her family found a new place to live that would allow them only one dog. Knowing their elderly dog would be very hard to place, they surrendered young Bunny to us. We haven't known her long, but we've discovered that this girl will be an easy placement. She loves everyone, has no temperament issues with other dogs, is healthy, newly spayed (as of yesterday) and will be an ornament to any home fortunate enough to be selected to provide for her every need, whim and fancy.
These photos were taken last weekend at a dog event. Bunny, newbie or not, skippered the team of French bulldogs sent to provide Frenchie kisses and to be ambassadors to the public. She made many friends, and we are expecting that a number of the folks she met at the event will be submitting applications.
She's a heartbreaker, young Bunny is, with a face that will launch 1,000 apps. If you'd like to sponsor this sunny young thing, you can find her story here.
Ah, youth!
The Frog Princess


anita said...

ornamentation you say? i think i have just the tree for this girl! she is a doll!

Amanda said...

What a face! You can tell she is really pondering some major, life changing decision. Should I chase that squirrel, or sit here in this comfy chair? If we aren't lucky enough to bring Clara Belle home with us, we will definitely apply for this sweetie!