Friday, February 23

Clara Belle

No, of course she's no relation to the character on the old Howdy Doody
show. She's a gorgeous brindle-pied Frenchie girl who has serious itchies from serious allergies. She's one of our available girls and if you'd like to know more about her, check out her bio on our website. Here's a photo of one of her poor feet, so you can see how relentless licking and chewing, one of the symptoms an allergic dog may throw, makes a foot red/orange and can even cause sores and swelling of the feet. Clara Belle is seeing a dermatologist while she is in foster care. We are hoping we'll be able to do something for this poor girl.

One of our volunteers had a chance to meet Clara Belle recently. This was her impression:

"She's such a cutie patootie! Her face is the color of rich chocolate and she's just absolutely edible. She was spayed a week ago so I'm sure all this change is probably making her a bit defensive but let me tell you, she's got that female frenchie

We are not entirely sure we know to what attitude this volunteer is referring. Perhaps she is simply not accustomed to sharing the room with a Being In Total Control of Herself. Her foster mom said Miss Clara Belle is very smart. Maybe a little too smart. Seems she knows how to get out of her crate at night. She picks the lock, easily flies over the babygate, speeds down the hall, shoulders the bedroom door open and soars up and over the snoozing kitties and into her foster mom's arms. Is she sleeping in the bed at night? What do you think?

Listen! A lady must have her little comforts. If a little lock-picking is involved, well, so be it! proclaims
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I've applied for this wonderful baby and now I REALLY hope she comes to live with me!!!!

Amanda said...

Nobody likes having itchy toes! Poor Clara Belle! My Mom's dogs do the very same thing, along with chewing and constantly licking any reachable place on their leg. We use a great medicated shampoo as well as a cooling spray. We also give them benadryl. I'm sure you've tried all of this already, but I just want to help Clara Belle feel her best! I love this little lady already!