Tuesday, February 6


We had a chance to spend some time with young Pippin over the weekend, and to see first-hand her strangely split personality with newcomers. She is, indeed, a bit of an angel and a bit of a devil.
With her foster mom, she is gentle, loving, sweet and every bit an angel. She approaches visitors in much the same way, until something inside her funny old brain goes *ping* and then she begins barking and lunging and biting at visitors' shoes.

We don't know what is wrong with Pippin, but she is undergoing tests to make sure her thyroid levels are where they should be, and there are no other obvious explanations of her odd behavior. We've also made an appointment to take Pippin to a veterinary behaviorist, a board certified vet with a specialty in behavior. We are hoping and hoping that between the tests for an organic cause and the behavioral specialist, this sweet little Pippin will have a chance to live an ordinary dog's life.

Asking that you keep a good thought for Pippin,
The Frog Princess

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