Friday, February 2

Jade Fills Out

Jade came to us in early December. She was surrendered following the birth of a baby. Seems another change in the household was more than Jade could take, and she was getting nippy with some of the other children in the home.
When her owner dropped her off, we noticed that Jade seemed a little thin, and her owner confirmed that she had recently dropped a few pounds. We've been working on putting some meat on her bones. Doesn't she look great?

Her foster mom has been giving her a chance to settle down and enjoy some peace and quiet, and Jade's been coming out of her shell.

Here's what Jade's foster mom told us in a recent note. "So...what can I say about Jade...she is full of energy and is a lot of fun and is very athletic. She would be a great dog to do agility with. Jade really enjoys playing with her toys and particularly enjoys her nylabone. She has a lot of cute stuff she does.

She really likes to flip around on her back and wiggle around. She also loves to stretch out, like in the photo. She looks so long!! haha!!! She is just a good girl who looks for people for affection and companionship!"

It looks to us as though beautiful Jade is feeling comfortable and at ease--no more shyness. It's sad when a loving family has to surrender a friend, but we are confident that we'll find a place for Jade where she can shine and glow.

Jade, you precious thing! We think you are going to make some lucky family very happy, predicts
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I hope you find a forever family who will love rubbing your belly and giving you lots of kisses and hugs.