Sunday, February 4

Roger Dodger You Old Codger!

An FBRN volunteer swooped into a Louisiana shelter and scooped Dodger out from under the needle's arc recently.
His owner had surrendered him, and, as is the custom at that shelter, that meant he was to be euthanized that very day. Coincidentally, a neophyte volunteer had left her name in case any Frenchies were ever surrendered, and when the compassionate shelter worker called, our volunteer called a substitute for work, hopped in the car, snatched up young Dodger from the shelter and got him in to see the vet and was back at work again inside of two hours! Can our volunteers get things done? Mmmm....Yah!
Today, Dodger's foster mom drove him from beautiful Louisiane to Houston, TX, where Dodger will be getting to know a specialist. Dodger's breathing is very bad, and it takes so much energy to move the air in and out that he's quite thin. He's got skin problems, too, possibly mange, and we want to know from our specialist what issues we should tackle first. Here's a note from his new foster mom, describing Dodger's condition and accompanied by these photos.

Dodger's foster mom "brought him to me today because he has an appointment at the Specialist tomorrow afternoon. I took some pictures and gave him a bath. We will see what Doc says. He is in pretty rough shape, he clearly looks as if he lived in a kennel or something very small as his feet are elf like :( He sounds as if he is drowning he can hardly breathe. He hunches over and is oh so tiny. He is in the race with Pixie on size. I am attaching pics and will let everyone know what I find out tomorrow. I will get some better photos as time goes by, but I do not want to make him any more nervous than he already is."
If you'd like to, you can sponsor Dodger's treatments or even send the old boy a St. Valentine's day card!
This pitiful fellow could really use some love. The old ones really wring the heart of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Frog Princess, I don't know who you are, but I have just spent an absolutely unintentional hour reading every one of your blogs. Your charming and witty prose all in the name of these beautiful and emphathetic little pups touched me in a very profound way.

Please. Don't ever stop writing.