Friday, February 9

Sadie's Spleen's Nowhere to Be Seen!

Here's a perfectly ridiculous face for you to look upon and enjoy.For several days last week and this week, we didn't know if this face was going to be around much longer. Sadie scared us witless last week when her foster mom had to zippy her over to the vet and she underwent emergency surgery. Her spleen was enormously enlarged and there was a horrible growth on it. You know how some people like to say, "And they opened her up and found a tumor the size of a baseball!" with that disgusting mix of revulsion, awe and relish? Well, they opened her up and found a tumor the size of a soccer ball,lord's sake, and the spleen was actually split in two pieces! Ew!

The doctor removed the hideous mass and the mess of spleen and sent a bit of the tissue off to be biopsied to see if the tumor was deadly or not.

We sat around twiddling our thumbs and worrying for days and days and then came this extraordinarily dense and unhelpful bit of veterinarianese, reported by Sadie's foster mom: "Dr. Scott just called and the path report came back "splenic nodular
hyperplasia....yahoooooooooo!!!! No neoplasia was a lesion that infarcted and developed into a hematoma that ruptured."

Well, we don't know a lot about the denotation of hyperplasias and neoplasias and infarcted hematomas, but we fully grasp the connotation of the term "yahoooooooo" in this context, and we made a stately and dignified little gavotte with just a hint of exuberant polka around the palace hall. And when we'd caught our breath, we drank a toast to Sadie with a champagne cocktail made with pomegranate juice and a twist of lime. It was most refreshing.

As you see, poor Sadie's tummy was slit, as James Thurber might say, from her guggle to her zatch, and then those vicious looking staples were used to zip her back up again. Her foster mom says Sadie "loves to have the area near the incision scratched and she is very noisy when it comes to wanting her belly scratched. She is a real character...just a real card. I wish I could download a video on her, she just tells you how the cow ate the cabbage! Very demanding this furr baby!"

From her beginnings with FBRN, when Sadie was so withdrawn that she could only squeak, to her current full-blown Divaticulation, we have enjoyed watching Sadie step out toward a happy future and a wonderful home. She's recuperating from her surgery, but you can put in an application to adopt this funny girl if you like. And you can contribute to the costs of her operation here. In an anxious week of worry and grief, Sadie's good news has cheered us all. We hope you will celebrate in your own way with
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I don't look that pink and healthy on days when I haven't had ANY organs removed! What a relief to see Sadie back in one piece again, even if her itchy stiches cause her to "infarct" once in a while. I'd gladly join the fp in a waltz around the palace hall in Sadie's honor.