Thursday, February 8

Lucy Lou's True Colors

Lucy Lou, our own unsinkable girl, went to the Houston Frenchie-meetup this week. She's not built for comfort, people. This girl is built for speed!

Here she is in her Apollo Ono number, with her little booties taped on to protect her feet. We know that there is a home for Lucy Lou somewhere in this world. She wears a diaper indoors, but she has very regular habits, and her foster mom says it is very little trouble to tend to her needs.

Lucy is a beautiful, people-oriented, life-loving girl who deserves a family who'll care for her and give her a forever home. If you think you and your family can give Lucy the love and commitment she deserves, please apply for her. It's past time for her to know the security and warmth of living with her own dedicated people.

Lucy Lou's foster mom is a talented collage and photo designer. You can see her work in a collage she did for Lucy Lou on youtube here.

We wish you well, young Lucy Lou! We know a number of able-bodied Frenchies who'd like to race around the park with your esprit de joie! Sadly, we ourselves must acknowledge that our tummy is too round and our aged muscles too accustomed to a habit of snoozing before the fire to keep up for very long. But it gives us pleasure to see the young Frenchies enjoying their vitality. Lucy Lou is too busy drinking up her life to worry about tomorrow.

We aren't worried, either. We know your home is waiting for you somewhere, Lucy Lou,
staunchly maintains
The Frog Princess

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