Friday, February 9

Napoleon's Dynamite!

You are simply not going to believe how adorable this little man is. His name is Napoleon, and he is every inch a little Emperor. Here are two reports from his foster mom, detailing Napoleon's health and personality and his life in his foster home.

Napoleon's First Day in His New Foster Home
He had his check up today with Dr. Lillie(who was fabulous!) and he was quite a hit at the office. He was checked for heartworm(which was negative) and given a general exam. Dr. Lillie thinks he is in good shape, but could gain an extra pound or two. I must say he is a bit skinny, especially compared to my big boy Louis(31lbs). The only issue I am going to watch out for is potential allergies. As I mentioned before, his previous owner thought he might be allergic to grass, and he is quite pink on his belly and feet.
Dr. Lillie didn't think it was anything to be too concerned about now, and since we've finally got some snow here, I will see if it clears up a bit. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it at this point either, but if he starts excessively licking his feet or hind legs, I'll bring him in again.

He has been settling in here nicely, although I think my dogs may sleep for a month after he goes to his forever home! :) I took him for his first walk yesterday and he was just perfect! With his high energy level, I was expecting it to be quite the walk, but the minute we stepped outside away from my dogs, he heeled right at my left side and was a perfect gentleman the entire walk! I was so thrilled! He also spent the day with me today going to the vet and running errands, and he is much more mellow on his own; he was such a good sport. It was nice to get him away from all the action at my house and see how he would do on his own.

He is also completely housebroken, and we have not even had one accident so far! He's such a good boy and everyone we have run into just thinks he is the cutest thing ever! He has officially become my little "shadow" and follows me wherever I go.

A Few Days Later

Napoleon is still doing just great! Of course, there has been no sign of him slowing down, and is in constant movement! I think he is just so incrediby excited to be with other dogs, he can hardly contain himself!

As I mentioned before, he does incredibly well on his own, away from my other "kids" and is quite a nice calm boy. I took him over to a friend's house the other day to see how he would do with her female Rhodesian Ridgeback who is incredibly friendly. Although Napoleon was outweighed by about 60lbs, he still managed to chase her all around the house and pin her under a table. Needless to say, the visit didn't last too long. We have also encountered dogs on our daily walks(he definitely needs walks in his forever home!) and he gets very excited.
Just by watching him over the last week, I think he would do best as an only dog. Female dogs seem to drive him into a frenzy; my husband and I were laughing the other night thinking he sort of reminds us of a lanky teenage boy!

He loves having the backyard to play in, and I think this should also definitely be a requirement for his future home. He does need a tall fence though, as his previous owners warned us he has been known to jump fences. We currently have a tall privacy fence, so he has been just fine.

He loves his toys, and especially loves to play fetch. I could throw the toy a million times and he would never get tired! :) So, his new home should be prepared for daily walks and play times to try and get out some of that energy.
On a final note, since we have had a pretty good blanket of snow lately, the pinkness on his belly and feet has really subsided. So, it is looking like he may be allergic to grass, as his previous owners suspected. I keep watching it, but I was pleased to see the redness subside this week.
That's all I have to report on Napoleon(or Poli as we call him) for now!"

Roly Poli! First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen! Or very nearly so. We do expect that before long, a line of sycophants and courtiers will be attending to his every whim and yet-unspoken wish. And so it should be, for one as noble and appealing as this young dog. When one has the power to enrapture and beguile, why not employ it? It's a philosophy long-ago adopted by your own
Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

haha, we love Poli! We hope he will be able to come to his forever home in GA :D Cute pics and write up! I love the "lanky teenager" comparison! soo funny!! I guess we will have to keep Mr. Casanova away from all the lady pups at the doggie park! haha. :) -Brooke and Mark Fleszar