Thursday, February 1

Diesel Dog!

This week, FBRN has taken in an astounding 10 French bulldogs. We'll introduce them on the foster page and here on the blog.

This is Diesel. He's a Frog of Unusual Size. At a year or so, he weighs 47 pounds.

Diesel has a sad history. He was adopted at 5 months

through a newspaper ad, from a woman who said she'd rescued him herself. Details are sketchy about his origins. Though his new family did what they could to reassure him and provide him with love and consistency, Diesel just never seemed at home. He would pace nervously whenever new people were in the house and was very fearful of people outside his home--except for a two year-old granddaughter who visited, with whom he had a special friendship.

But poor Diesel was tormented by the three chihuahuas who lived next door and lived in terror of them. He was perpetually walking on eggshells, nervous and insecure, despite his mom's best efforts and untiring patience. She couldn't take him out in public easily, due to his fear of people, and she couldn't leave town on vacation. He has nary an aggressive impulse in him, and he's very affectionate when he's alone with his people.

As if his fearfulness wasn't enough to try to overcome, at some point he began having seizures. His mom, sadly and reluctantly, decided to surrender him to FBRN in hopes that we could help Diesel with his fear issues and to place him in a permanent home where he can live a life of peace and become a confident young Frog. He's a sweet boy. We want him to live a full and happy life.

Diesel is being fostered in Massachusetts. If you'd like to send him a kind word or provide some support for him, he'll be up on the website in the foster dog section this week.

We can't wait to see what miracles are in store for Diesel as his treatment progresses and his issues resolve themselves.
All atwitter with anticipation,
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Diesel you have two fans in Kansas rooting for ya! :)

Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts dude, I know you'll find all the love and support you need.

anita said...

what a big boy!! he is so beautiful ans sweet looking.. i think he wants a home with bulldogs his size.. hehe ya know english ones.