Saturday, February 10


Evie is a sweetie girl who was named for the boxer Evander Holyfield. Why?
On account of her mamma nibbled on her ear when she was just a wee pup! That's how her ear came to be a little tipped over.

Evie has moved to a new foster home on the way other side of Florida. She's learning to get along with a whole pack of Frogs, and so far has comported herself like a little lady. She has been tagging along with her Frenchie foster brothers. She really likes to sit back and observe their games of tug. We don't think it will be too long before she feels ready to participate.

Turns out Miss Evie is a daddy's girl. So far in her new digs, her number one favorite thing to do is snuggle up next to her foster dad and nap. Napping with a Frenchie is medically beneficial, we hear. Frenchie-assisted napping is a surefire way to lower blood pressure and increase serotonin production. Evie looks skeptical, but I do believe it is true!

This pretty girl is being re-educated in order to make her less aggressive with other dogs, and she seems to be improving in that area. We will keep folks posted on her progress as we get news of it. According to her foster mom and her surrendering family, Evie has always been great with people, and is a classic lapfrog in temperament. Keep a good thought that Evie can learn to get along with others. Life is much easier when one doesn't regard one's fellows as enemies to be pummeled and punished, declares

The Frog Princess

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