Wednesday, February 14

Renault and Onjolie Warm Up

Our favorite couple has some news to share on St. Valentine's Day. They have found a new home and will soon be moving from the wintry weather of Vermont to merely nippy New Jersey. Here's a note from Renault and Onjolie's foster mom.

"Renault is the brindle, Onjolie is reverse brindle....They love to be by the woodstove as you can see. Onjolie is hard to photograph - she moves alot and puts her ears back - I tried to get her picture with her pretty ears up. They both thrive on affection, full face kisses and bum scratches!"

Ah, there's nothing like the tupor induced by 2 feet of snow outside and a warm woodstove inside! These froggy friends will be enjoying a little more time in their foster home, as we hear there is a winter storm currently rendering roads impassable, but we hope that their new family provides them with an equivalent source of comfy warmth and similar opportunities to stretch themselves into improbable shapes while water for tea seethes in a kettle somewhere, softly humidifying the air.

Tea? Yes, please! accepts
The Frog Princess

PS If you've forgotten to remember your own Valentine today, it's not too late to send an FBRN card. Our fosters get the moola, and you get the kisses! Not a bad exchange.

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