Saturday, February 3

Reba Gets Great News!

Here's Reba. She spent a couple of weeks up on the website's front page as our neediest Frenchie.
Thanks to our donors' generous gifts, we got her in to see a specialist at the University of MN vet school. She had some tests, including an MRI and a myelogram of her spinal fluid.
Here's the note her foster mom sent following Reba's series of tests. We are so excited and happy to hear this news. We know you will be, too!

"Presently, the best theory for why Reba has such limited use of her legs is that she has meningitis probably caused by a protozoan (Toxoplasma gondii). She is taking clindamyacin, a broad spectrum antibiotic that is also used for protozoal infections and we are waiting on lab results to see if she indeed has antibodies to Toxoplasma in her CFS. They also tested her for antibodies to a couple other pathogens known to cause meningitis in dogs.

Reba seems to be improving on the clindamycin. She is much more alert and engaging than she was last week. She is standing more (to eat and drink) and regularly shakes her head and scratches her ears like a normal dog. Her movement is still ungainly but her speed has improved dramatically.

Today she did a 360 (and landed on her feet) racing to meet me at the door. When she first arrived almost 4 weeks ago she was very stiff and could only lay in one position on her left side. Holding her was like holding a frozen dog. Now I can hold her like a baby (facing forward) on my lap. She relaxes completely and lets me rub her tummy (and hums). She takes the clindamycin for another week and then we'll see about physical theraphy. Her muscles, especially in her shoulders are all screwed up from being in this condition since July. I am optimistic that she will walk in her forever home."

This is a wonderful outcome for Reba. As you can see in one of the photos, she is up and around. Her foster mom says she took 7 steps in a row just a few days after the start of antibiotics. The yoga mats are down to make it easier for Reba to walk on. Sometimes a little gap appears between the mats and Reba will stop and bark until one of the children comes and fixes her walkway! She has her foster family well trained.

One of our volunteers made the adorable jammies Reba has on. We believe that the love and warmth those jammies wrap her in will help her heal more quickly!

Our deep gratitude and appreciation to those who sent donations, prayers and good wishes to Reba.
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Hoo-ray gorgeous little Reba!!!
We are so happy to hear you are feeling better! We are saying lots of prayers for a full recovery, extra, extra fast!

Frogdog Bloggeressa said...

Hoo-ray, gorgeous little Reba!!! So happy that you are doing better! We are praying for a full & speedy recovery, extra, extra fast!!!

mrsclutch said...

Reba looks fabulous! Can't believe how much the sweet girl has improved over a month!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Best wishes dear Reba. May you not only walk in your forever home, but also find the love there that you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Three Cheers for Reba! Hip, Hip Hooray!!!!

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl! Doing all that hard recovery work, and "training" the foster family too!

What amazing progress she has made--so wonderful to hear about the improvement in her mobility and general happiness in the care of her loving foster family :)

p.s. Will the person who made Reba's PJs consider making more and selling them through FBRN? An auction item perhaps for some future fundraiser? I bet they'll fetch some high bids!