Tuesday, November 21

Shoeless Joe Makes a Pitch

Poor Shoeless Joe. He's got it rough. The clock keeps ticking and ticking and yet there keeps on being no food in his dish. We aren't sure how this can have happened, but we are looking into it, you bet, Joe!
It's not like this pitiful wayfaring stranger couldn't use a coupla calories! You remember Joe, he's the dog who went walkabout for 6 months before somebody found him, malnourished, with his poor face all full of infected bite marks, and generally looking like a half-crazed junkyard dog.

The vet he was taken to was coincidentally the same vet his family used,
and the vet turned him over to the rightful owners. All was bliss and prodigal son partying until Joe felt the family's infant was low-dog and he started getting uppity with the old-timer dog. Joe had had just a little too much autonomy out in the world. He got himself a ticket to FBRN.

And now his face is all better, and his pockets have been picked, and he's had a little surgery to widen his nostrils and make his breathing easier. The neighbors down the street are no longer worried about earth-quaking snores they hear at night, and his foster family is getting some rest.

You know that expression, "It's a dog's life?" We think that's supposed to mean that times are tough, life's a hard road, you gotta just keep pickin' em up and puttin' em down.
Judging from this photo, we think the phrase should be redefined.
Junkyard dog? Naw, he's turned out to be a lot of hot air with hair on it, has ol' Joe. He dreams of nothing more than a couple of enormous meals a day, a chauffeur-driven convertible, an in-house disco, and a gaggle of beautiful Frenchie dancing girls to make his life complete.

But he'll settle for a forever family who loves him to distraction, who'll be available for a little Frenchie wrasslin', and who'll provide a big, blanketed bed stocked with warm-hearted, warm-blooded bipeds.

Dream big, Shoeless! urges
The Frog Princess


anita said...

what a doll.. sounds like the lady and the tramp story to me... glad to hear he is doin so well :)

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a great Thanksgiving present - to read how well the barefoot boy is looking and to see how handsome he has become!

Our new rescue mastiff Moby (yep, like the whale) is out of the woods with his heartworm treatment and - praise be! - it looks like he has some hearing in his right ear. We keep swabbin' and he keeps shakin' out the gunk.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Frog Princess!

Lee and Lee
and the Big Five