Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we'd like to reintroduce you to some of our foster Frenchies in some of their foster parents' favorite photos and let you know what they are thankful for, in the words of their foster parents.

Now, I know it is a strange picture for a favorite but it is the first picture after surgery where Valentine had the sparkle back in her eyes.
Val is thankful that she found an organization that has been patient enough to see her through her long healing process. She is looking forward to finding a place to call a home of her own, hopefully before Christmas. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers with FBRN. :) She could not have made it through it all without them.

Hi, I'm "Clyde" a foster Frenchie and I'm thankful this holiday to have a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of good food, some other doggie friends to play with, and a lot of love and attention from my foster mom and dad.

joey is grateful for upholstery, and warm clothes, and a warm body to snuggle with and a safe place to snuggle down. we are grateful he is doing so well.

Gussy is grateful for a nice pillow to lie on and a foster family to love him.

Faith and Hope are thankful for good friends. They are also thankful that I have a lot of stuffies that they can tear up!! haha!!!!

Louis is thankful for the sunshine. He has spent so much time in a pet store. He just loves soaking in the rays.

I think this is one of Jack that hasn't been seen before. He's sitting in his new bed. I think Jack is most thankful for - honestly? - being fed regularly!! He's a super chow hound. Next on his list would be kind humans who pet him and play with him. He's a simple guy who enjoys simple pleasures. If he knew what Thanksgiving was, i.e. a big feast, he'd be all over it.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, humans and canines alike.

Brutty says he's thankful for love and lots of toys.

Rue says he's thankfull to have friends that look just like him and to be going to his forever home in time for Christmas. Bet he gets lots of presents!!!!!!!!

Ah, well if I had to guess what Higgins is thankful for I would have to say
it's for the plethora of nap times he enjoys...I love the way frenchies look
when they sleep.

Bugsy is thankful for: FBRN, Thanksgivings spent cruising around on his Harley in the Southern California sunshine, sleeping in, romps in the yard and on the leash, gentle hugs, a soft bed and toys, toys, toys (especially balls)! Bugsy is also looking forward to motoring up to his forever home come Saturday.

Our warmest wishes for a wonderful, delicious and happy Thanksgiving. We are profoundly grateful for all the foster families, volunteers and supporters of this rescue, and for the adoptive families who step forward to give our fosters loving, peaceful, safe and healthy homes.

The Frog Princess


anita said...

lol bugsy looks great it that hat! we are also thankful for the frog princess and hopes she enjoys her feast this day. she is wise and beautiful and we all look forward each day to the new news she will bring lol :)

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tribute. let us give thanks to the gift that is each & every canine rescue volunteer. happy day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

We want to wish the frog princess a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for her blog. We are also thankful to FBRN & all the wonderful people associated with it. We are especially thankful for the wonderful foster Mom (you know who you are) who took care of our wonderful FBRN alumnus Mr. Bubba. And I as his Mom am thankful that FBRN brought him into my life.