Saturday, November 4

Oatus and Tessa Together

Shortly after Oatmeal, called Oatus, was adopted, his family decided he'd be happier if he had a sister.

His family put the word out that they were looking for a nice grown-up Mademoiselle to join their family. Friends of friends suggested Tessa, a four year old retired breeding girl, and following some conversation and photos, Tessa joined the family.

FBRN volunteers in the Northeast offered their services to help transport Tessa from her breeder's home to her new family's place in New York state. The transport worked out quite nicely, and it gave volunteers a chance to meet some fellow volunteers and enjoy a lovely summer day. This is Tessa, up on her legs while Oatus hangs out waiting for a treat.
Oatus and Tessa are having a blast together, chasing deer and bunnies in the back yard, and when the wildlife is scarce they chase each other around the speedway in the house: through the kitchen, through the den, across the screened porch and back into the kitchen again! Vroom! Vroomvroom!
May the excitement continue and the fun never end!
The Frog Princess

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