Saturday, November 25

Renault and Onjolie 4ever

Another pair of adorable Frenchies has come to FBRN to be placed in a loving home. Meet Renault and Onjolie, two little 4 year-old Russian imports with boatloads of charm. Renault is a sweetie pie who listens well, even though he had a nasty ear infection when he came to us. It's cleared up, now.

Onjolie is the more active of the two, and seeks and gets attention for herself more often than Renault. Both dogs have awful teeth, and poor Onjoli has a vaginal prolapse. Both dogs have some weakness in the back end. We'll have their teeth seen to, and they'll be spayed and tutored as the case may be. We have been fortunate to find a veterinarian willing to treat the dogs at a discount, but the fees are likely to be high, due to the extensive nature of the dogs' dental problems, and given both dogs' weakness in the back. If you can offer any donations to this couple, please visit their foster page and click on the bone.

Renault and Onjolie are being fostered in Vermont. Mmmm. Vermont in winter. Listen! We can just hear Rosemary Clooney and the gang from White Christmas singing "Snow!"

Off to rent a certain DVD,
The Frog Princess

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anita said...

hummm... is anyone else wondering if the frog princess is taking a well deserved break? is she sunning in ca? plowing in neb? skiing in ohio?