Saturday, November 18

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

As John Lennon wrote more than a generation ago, "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans," so we thought, as this holiday week begins, we'd offer you a moment to pause, take a moment, and look deeply into the eyes of a very beautiful soul.

This is our dear Carlin, currently Under Review while his foster family selects a forever home for him. We think these photos, taken on the way home from a vet visit, are very lovely. Carlin seems to be speaking volumes with his expression, here, and though he may be sending psychic commands to stop at the fast food joint for a plain burger and some fries, we prefer to think that Carlin is feeling gratitude for all the ways his life has gotten better since he came into our care.
His vision is nearly clear, his hearing has returned, and the surgery he underwent to remove a polyp was a success.

This loving, active, people-person dog will be enriching some lucky family's life, thanks to FBRN's generous and loyal supporters, and the tender and devoted care of his foster family.

"Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day in every way
It's getting better and better."

Thank you for answering Carlin's prayer.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

he is such a love.. and yes.. the FBRN and the wonderful people who love these dogs so much,make all the difference in their world! good luck in your new home sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Ah crikey FP, you made me cry on a Saturday night. That's not supposed to happen until SUNDAY night! Best wishes to Carlin. He is a heartbreaker.

Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful boy. Thanks to FBRN for all the do for all the beautiful boys & girls. Mine included. We are so grateful to FBRN for matching us with our beautiful Bubba. And we think Bubba tahnks you too.

anita said...

i'm wonderin why my comments are coming out anonymous?? hummm does that mean i am invisible too? lol and where oh where is our frog princess?

Anonymous said...

I have been checking out the FBRN every morning for months, and I was SO tempted to apply for Carlin. There is something about that face. I hope he finds the perfect forever home and has a wonderful life. Thanks to all at FBRN.

Alison said...

Carlin--as frog princess notes, your eyes show your beautiful soul. Thanks to FBRN for making it visible to so many!