Wednesday, November 29


Here is Rollo, doing what he does best. What is that, you ask? Why, beautifying the world, of course!

When Rollo came to us, he was no bigger than a gerbil, or possibly a hamster. Certainly smaller than a guinea pig. His name then was Piglet, and, like another little piglet we know of named Wilbur, Piglet was a runt, and he needed special care. His foster mom, coincidentally named Charlotte, looked after him well, and he grew and grew and then he flew to Austin, TX, where he lives now with his mom and dad, his Frenchie sister Luna, and his red-haired kewpie-doll boy brother, Ivan.

He's a dog born under a lucky star, for sure, and he's as handsome as the night is long.

The Frog Princess


Lindsay said...

How wonderful to see an update on the gorgeous Piglet now Rollo -- I remember his story so well and he is REALLY one very blessed and lucky Frenchie!

Anonymous said...

I used to correspond with Rollo's family & have not talked to them in a long time, so it was so good to see this update. He is one handsome boy. And through talking to his family, I know he went to one wonderful home.