Friday, November 24

2007 is Just around the Corner!

Lillie is so excited about the new FBRN calendars, she can hardly contain herself! She had to grab a stuffie to stifle her screams of delight!

Next year will be here sooner than you think. You need a calendar. Possibly two.

Now on sale for 20 per cent off (through Dec 3) and free shipping for orders over $50.

Why you can't beat that with a stick, says
The Frog Princess


anita said...

as i looked at the calendar this morning(it was fantastic!) i was looking for a few faces.. did we ever find phinn? and how is rusty doing?and trixie too.. they are all so precious...

anita said...

omgosh! you all have GOT to see this calendar! my fav is july but all of the pictures are sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

did i miss smeagol? how could the frog princess allow such an omission! :)

anita said...

i couldnt say about missing smeagol.. but i missed the boat completely.. this morning i saw "our" calendar.. yesterday.... it was french bulldog connections.. though i do love their july.. our babies calendar shines way ahead...:)

signed very embarrassed anita