Saturday, November 4

Max and Lulu: Tooth and Tongue

Max and Lulu are being placed as a pair.
They are being featured this week on the front page of our website because we are seeking some wonderful applications for these two cuddlers. Their foster mom sent in some admittedly blurry candid photos we thought we'd offer our readership. She has promised some more better ones as soon as she can arrange it. Here's Max, drunken with delight and delirious over a toy he has found. Note the ecstatic half-closed eyelids, the tell-tale grin and the air of debauchery. It's a great toy. It's his toy. And Lulu can't have it.

And of course there's Lulu, who here appears wearing her customary amiable expression, her tongue peeking coyly from betwixt her pearly teeth and cherry lips. Possibly it is because her tongue is a wee bit too large for her head, but we prefer to imagine that she is one of those interesting critters who experience the world through their tongues. Lulu might be one of those who taste the air, sense the currents, explore the unseen with special sensitivity.

These two are certainly sybaritic sorts, and if you are willing to indulge them in pleasures of the senses, to present them with sundry varieties of odiferous, luscious, chewy, bouncy, squeaky treats, by all means hie thee to the applications page and apply for them.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Nice chompers!

Anonymous said...

Max and Lulu- I adore you! I wish I could adopt you both!