Tuesday, November 7


Here is Beulah, bored on an evening at home, thinking of possible amusing diversions with which a silly Frenchie might entertain herself for an hour or two.

A LIGHT BULB moment!

With FBRN grad and foster sister Mags, Beulah has discovered a game the Frog Princess has played: I Spy. It goes like this: One player starts the game by saying, "I spy with my little eye...something red!" (or blue or gray or black or what have you) The other player must then gaze around the room or out the car window and attempt to locate the object the spy has spied.

As much fun as it was, the game came to an early end when spy and guesser were distracted by

COSTUMES! Our hats are off to any household with the energy to hold down and dress up
this many doggies!

We believe we spy a vier for Princess amongst this jolly mob!

If we were another sort of ruler, we might be tempted to shout, "Off with her head!" Fortunately for Beulah, we are a tolerant, benign sort of dictatrix. We'll settle for a tax of half the dog treats in Beulah's goody bag!

Benevolently yours,
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest Frenchie I have ever seen! Pink is a good color for Miss Beulah!

Anonymous said...

But did the FP notice that Beulah is actucally STICKING HER TONGUE OUT at you? Surely, surely, this warrents some harsher penalty. Like a walk around the block in the rain or some other such frenchie torture device.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Miss Buelah is a Pretty Princess!

Anonymous said...

this little girl is so cute!! gotta love the maid marian thing going on..she should have a crown!
makes me wish i lived in PA so i could apply for her. :)

Anonymous said...

We have our home visit today to adopt beautiful Beulah; so hopefully Beulah will be coming to us soon.