Monday, November 13

Handsome Jack in the Mangroves

Our foster, Handsome Jack, continues to recover from a little setback he endured this summer. So far, he seems to be maintaining an even keel. It helps so much that his foster family includes a physician who is conscientious about keeping HJ on a strict schedule of medication. He's back on the available page, and he's ready to move to a home where he can be cuddled and coddled for the rest of his life. If you have the time, resources and commitment to give a special needs dog with lots of personality and a great big heart, why not apply for this boy?

Here is Handsome Jack, enjoying a brief rest among the roots of a mangrove tree on the Florida coastline near his foster home.

Oo, Jack! coos
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Now, Princess, control yourself! You would not want to be thought unfaithful to Smeagol! Or, are you one of those very old-fashioned monarchs, with multiple consorts? (You go, girl!)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jack,
We love and miss you and keep hoping that you'll find happiness with a forever family. We love and miss you and wish you good health and happiness. Lucy misses you tons.
We love you, sweetboy!