Wednesday, November 29

Ethel Has Good Taste

Psst! Did you know Christmas is coming? Did you know you can buy your Frenchie her own gorgeous FBRN t-shirt at the CafePress store? This is Ethel, an FBRN grad, about to enjoy a bit of eggnog. She's sporting her stylish FBRN t-shirt. You'll note Maizy there, taking up the right hand side of the photo. She's a little too late to obscure Ethel, but not too late to make a point: She's chilly. She's neglected. She's naked and she's jealous and she needs a t-shirt, too! We are sure if your dog knew there was a whole selection of shirts with Frenchies on them, they would demand at least one for everyday and one for dress-up.
While you are shopping, you could pick up a calendar or two and a sweatshirt for yourself. We have some great holiday designs.

Everydoggie needs a little something under the tree, don't you agree? hints
The Frog Princess

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anita said...

hummmppp.. my sister always got the pretty clothes too! i am with ya maizy.. lol sisters can be such a pain... (and a joy too). the christmas sleigh flown by the frenchies is just the ticket..