Saturday, December 2

Ellie Goes on Vacation

You'll remember Ellie as one of the NC10 dogs rescued from a puppy mill in North Carolina last year. She and her family went on vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains this summer. With winter fast approaching in many parts of the world and already squatting over others, we thought it would be nice to think back 3 months to when the mosquitos were thick as snowflakes and the air was steamy and moist. Her mom sent us this note:
"We returned from the mountains on Friday evening. Ellie had a fantastic time- apart from the car ride, of course. We hiked a short trail in the Smokies and Ellie had the time of her life crossing brooks and navigating rocks. I have never seen her so energized or enthusiastic about walking.
Does Ellie dance? Non-stop. Roger refers to her as “Wiggle”."
14 months ago, Ellie had only known the inside of a filth encrusted chicken coop. Now she's dancing across rivulets and powering up mountainsides. If you contributed to FBRN anytime in the last year, you should high-five yourself: you made it possible for FBRN to foster and place this girl. If you haven't yet contributed, don't fret. It's a sad fact that there will be plenty of dogs to sponsor, plenty of opportunities to help, and many more Frenchies' lives to transform.

Excelsior, young Ellie! Onward and upward! exhorts
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Cheers for Ellie. We love you and we can't imagine our family without you.
Mom, Dad and Griffin

anita said...

a true gift.. a true heart this family has! lucky ellie and all the other nc10 babies who have found loving homes because FBRN and their volunteers.. thanks!!

Ellen said...

Yay Ellie! We also took our non-FBRN Frenchie rescue Norman to the Smoky Mountains this past October. We all had a wonderful time :o)