Monday, November 27


This beautiful girl came to us several weeks ago, when her family had to move to a place that didn't allow animals. Though she's healthy and strong, Eloise is a little backward in the social graces--she'll need a home where people will patiently work with her on learning how to react and behave around people. The first time she went to the vet's office, she had an anxiety attack and made lots of horrible sounds and caused a scene. Fortunately, the vet was experienced in treating fearful dogs, and no one lost any blood. Except Eloise, and only what was needed to test her for heartworm.
In order to desensitize her to places like the vet's, Eloise has spent time over the last little while learning about the vet's office and meeting strangers. A friend of Eloise's foster mom works in a vet's office and she volunteered to take Eloise to the office for a few days so she could hang out there and learn about what happens.
Eloise is still leery of strangers, and she likes a life that is predictable and pretty dull, really. She is a quiet girl, but she does like to play. She enjoys running around the backyard and playing with her people. She is very affectionate.
We think she'd do very well in a quiet office, and she'd be a perfect dog for a one dog only family. She'd probably do well with a male her size, but you should know that Eloise is a dominant girl, so any other dogs in the house would have to be willing to defer to her.
Deference and respect. And, from time to time, a pig ear. Is that too much to ask?

We think not, proclaims
The Frog Princess


anita said...

what a pretty face miss eloise has! look at her sweet smile.. i wish her all the best and a happy new home for her :)

Anonymous said...

Look at those lovely little white shoes she wears! Weezy is a doll!