Saturday, October 21

Tuffy's Top Ten List

Here is a note forwarded to The Frog Princess from Tuffy's new parents. Tuffy was adopted earlier this year and moved to Missouri where she lives with her mom and dad, and another Frenchie named mr. chips! Her mom says:

"She is without a doubt one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had the pleasure of knowing and caring for. I don't know what mr. chips! would do without her. Not only do they spar with the frequency of two young pups coming up through the ranks, but when they've had enough they lapse into a round of cleaning each other."

This is from Tuffy's dad: the top 10 things you have to know about Tuffy:

Tuffy makes the same noises when she's happy as when she's sad.

It only looks like tuffy is trapped between the legs of the end table. Rest assured, tuffy knows exactly what she's doing.

Tuffy is apparently running for office, as she must stop to inspect everyone on walks; this makes a trip around the block last an hour.

In times of apparent danger, such as an unexpected loud noise, tuffy does not rush to the scene but prefers to yodel from afar to inform the other dogs of her availability.

Tuffy's favorite things are breakfast and napping and she's trying to figure out a way to do both at the same time. So far, no luck.

Tuffy's taekwondo partner is mr. chips! and after a brisk workout she enjoys having her ears cleaned.

Tuffy enjoys "project runway" and hopes laura wins.

Tuffy constantly guards against overwork; if she thinks you're concentrating too hard on the computer, or with a book in your lap or standing in front of the stove, she heroically throws herself between you and the source of potential eye strain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tuffy's gas leaks are just her way of reminding you that her housetraining is not quite complete and that you might want to take her outside, i.e. tuffy's explosions are for you, not for her.

Tuffy is very very sorry about the rug."

It sounds to us like Tuffy is a girl of charm and accomplishment, not unlike a certain
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chips! Way to go! You've got yourself a babe!

Anonymous said...

Tuffy seems like such a happy dog! The image of her trying to eat and sleep at the same time is hilarious. It sounds like she and Mr. Chips! make quite a team.