Monday, October 30


This gorgeous hunk of animal magnetism is Rusty. He's living in California right now, waiting for his family to apply for him and take him home. We got a nice note on his progress recently from his foster mom. Though he's adjusting and learning about life in his foster family's house, we think as long as he keeps that fabulous grin on his face, he could be the devil himself and he'd still have a place in our home. We are suckers for a wide Frenchie grin

Rusty's foster mom also fostered the infamous Mike and Jake! Mike and Jake! who are now very happily ensconced in their New Orleans home. Here's her note:

"Rusty's coming along and is learning to sit (with treats of course!). That's probably the extent of his manners.

We're also working on not jumping up on people--that's not going quite as well as the sitting! He's really strong and can almost knock me over if he runs into me at a gallop--again, no manners!

He's very eager to please so I think he'll be fine with more training. It will just take some time. He's a sweet boy...though more than a bundle of energy. He plays a little too rough for my Bostons, so play time with them has to be limited.

He's extremely vocal! I'd never heard "frenchie noises"...Mike & Jake never did the whiny cry. Of course, they were always together...which must be why!

He's a good little guard dog too...seems to pay attention and bark when he thinks there's a problem. He doesn't bark unless there's someone there or he hears something. My guys would show a thief "all the goods" for a treat! Rusty seems to be much more's nice.

Rusty seems to make everyone love him where ever he goes (except the vet...LOL)."

We are convinced that if the vet only knew him better and longer he'd love Rusty, too. Lord knows we love him, and we've never met the boy! Oh, dear. All these darling Frenchies come in and out of our life so quickly these days. We feel a loss of equilibrium, a certain out of touch sensation; in fact, we feel a wee bit pixilated!

"Crazy for trying,
And Crazy for crying,
and I'm Crazy for loving you..."

The Frog Princess

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anita said...

i'm just crazy over this boy! i can see us sunning ourselves together in the beautiful ca sunshine. cant you'all see him enjoying the beach? i think he will get such a kick out of the seagulls.. lol
fun in the sun Rusty :)